Monday, July 11, 2011


Work is just one big bundle of nerves for me this week. I'm working on a project with someone I've never worked with before and it's been a practice in patience. I cannot wait until this week is over. And thankfully have some very dear girlfriends who have agreed to go out with me at the end of the week so I can hopefully come down off the ceiling.
Making matters worse is that it's a billion degrees in my unair conditioned office. And it's stunning outside. I'd really rather be outside with Zari right now, instead of studying curriculum's, photocopying and snacking on my daughters Teddy Grahams from the car.
To Do:
I need to figure something out..we're having a heck of a time financially lately. I've been pursuing my own interests, which benefit my family (i.e. Gardening, landscaping, canning) but still it does not come cheap..we've been living pay check to pay check with no wiggle room and our savings has dwindled. I'd love to find out what Dave Ramsey is all about but guess what? HE COSTS MONEY. The money guru to help you save money, costs money. Blurgh.
Anyways...ramblings from a crazy woman at work. Resume your business.

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