Friday, July 22, 2011

I did it!

I submitted my paperwork to my supervisor for a desk audit..if approved by my supervisor and the person that investigates my request - then I'll officially be a "level II nutrition associate"...and get a whopping .60 cent raise! Every little penny counts! Doug also applied this week for a position at work that would give him $1.00+ an hour raise if he is chosen. A coworker who also applied for the position told Doug she thinks he'll get it. We're hopeful. If you'll remember a few posts back I was complaining about money...this would be lovely if we get these raises!

In the potty training update Zari is not using the potty at either Grammies house. It makes it really frustrating when she doesn't do what she does at home at EITHER place even though one of the Grammies even has the same exact style potty she has at home. But she is in pull ups at both houses and we'll try the training underpants when I receive them. I also requested a book from called Potty train your child in one I know this is not possible, and I read the reviews and found out that the "method" for this is basically just throwing a big deal potty b=party for your kid where you make a huge deal out of them, give them a doll that poops and pees and have them "train" the doll in the morning...then in the afternoon you train your kid and supposedly they'll be so into it they'll continue with it. She also suggests A LOT of rewards, some I don't agree with (like food and candy) but I can come up with other things. I'm going to try doing my own version of this with her... I'll report on how it goes. It will have to be on a Saturday and it will NOT be tomorrow since I need time to gather supplies for the "party". :) Never did I though I would throw a party about poop and pee. Shesh.

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