Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bathroom experiments

I just came out of the downstairs bathroom and heard the UPSTAIRS bathroom toilet lid slam shut. Doug is in the living room. The cats do not have thumbs. I called upstairs to ask Zari what she was doing and she came to the top of the stairs and said she's playing with Kirby. When I went upstairs she asked me what the toilet was and started to open it...
I'm afraid I might have one of THOSE pictures to show you...with the kid wrapped in toilet paper and the rubber ducky floating in the toilet with the kid standing there using my tooth brush to stir the toilet water...

Family photos went well. We went to Spencers Ice Cream afterwards... then had a hankering for Pat's Pizza and by the time we got there our pizza and rings were ready...then we headed home, walked about 8 steps from the car, sat down in the grass and ate pizza. Zari picked off all the black olives and ate only that, while Doug and I gorged ourselves on a piece and a half each. We're such cheap dates now. Well rounded nutrition sort of day. And by the way...the homemade Orange Pineapple ice cream at Spencers is OUT OF THIS WORLD good. Doug's Pumpkin Pie ice cream was a little too weak in the flavor department, and he says he liked Zari's Red Raspberry ice cream the best..I still think mine was the yummiest. :)
And Wendi, it's in Bradley on the right side, BEFORE Claudia's if you're headed towards Brewer..There's a big ol' sign with a picture of an ice cream cone..I know you had said you hadn't been there before last year.. I'm hoping that's changed by now but if not... :)

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