Friday, July 15, 2011

Potty training. I gave it my best shot...

I took Zari to the potty and told her the potty was sad because it had no poop or pee...and all it wants is to be peed's so lonely.. I thought maybe she'd like to "help" the potty by peeing on it.
Perfect plan..that is how we manage to finally get her to let us brush her teeth..she "helps" her Thomas the Tank Engine toothbrush get toothpaste to the people of Toothpasteville... I thought that by having her help the potty maybe we'd make some progress with the potty training. The books and DVD's and gentle encouragement haven't worked. We've had the potty since December. <sigh> Oh well. I'll wait for one of her little friends to get potty trained and then we'll let peer pressure take over!

Tomorrow we have a mini photo shoot with an area photographer...who it turns out, is a girl I went to high school with. She was a year or two younger than me. I'm super excited to be able to get a picture with the three of us in it together! :) Oh..and it's also supposed to be 90 degrees out tomorrow and the photo shoot is outside. FUN!

As I write this we're rocking out to "Old Dan Tucker" by the Wiggles. Good stuff.
Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. oooh i can't wait to see the photo shoot pics! yay!!