Thursday, July 21, 2011

In the mood

I got out my Christmas fabrics yesterday and got them washed and folded.. I want to make something. I don't know what. Something decor-y. A runner for the mantle, maybe a Christmas stocking, and I need to finish the Christmas tree skirt I started after Christmas last year. I'm doing this now so it will hopefully be done by December. Har har. Have I mentioned we've lived in our house for almost 2 years and we have STILL haven't primed and painted the living room walls? Yeah. Time stands still in our house. But at least I won't age like the rest of you! =P
Anyways if you're like me and get "the bug" I recommend skipping google and going straight to and and searching for "Christmas"...they've got awesome lists of stuff (awesomely LONG lists).

It's been such a scorcher here this past week, and today will apparently be the worst of it. This is of course, the day I have to work late, AND outside in the afternoon.. I am not a small woman by any means and any sort of MOVEMENT makes me sweat. So this is going to be rough. I need some sort of reward when I'm done today. But instead I get to go pick up my kid at Grammies. My kid that will probably be tired, cranky and ready for the dinner I've not yet made. Ugh.

On the potty training front she went twice on Sunday (day 1) on the potty, and day 2 she sprinkled in the potty once (literally 4 drops lol). Day 3, went twice in the potty, and day 4 peed three times on the floor and pooped in the bathtub. Did I mention I was home alone with her that night? There was a lot of cleaning. Her bath toys are out of commission until they get their own special bath... I kind of want to just put her right into underwear and just deal with it when she poops and pees in it. It's summer time and she won't be able to go around half naked like she is at our house now once it cools I really want to help her make the most of this. We are planning on traveling late August and I'm totally taking the easy way out and just keeping her in Pull Ups for that. No travel potty for us!

BTW If you have kids and you HAVEN'T visited you REALLY need to! They have a ton of parents contributing reviews, info and tips on all things parents/kid's so handy to those of us that like to research and take advice!

Okay.. I should really do some work while I'm at work...

OH OH! By the way I made a living succulent wreath the other day (have I written about this already? I can't remember) it is totally rocking my world...this is the tutorial I used..

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