Sunday, July 17, 2011


These two things have been stuck in my head all week. I just got finished making beautiful flower petal "pictures" for the front door glass panes..Just stick flower petals on clear <or frosted...very cool> contact paper <thanks for buying me some dad!> and slap that puppy on the freaking cool! I'd take a picture but it's like a billion degrees in here and we don't have the air conditioner just making those things took everything out of me. Maybe by next summer I can show you a picture.

OTHER cool thing floating around in the noggin is watermelon popsicles. Slice watermelon and cut out with cookie cutter shapes. Stick a popsicle stick into the shapes and place in freezer until watermelon is frozen. Take out and enjoy!

Then there's the taking nubs of chalk, grinding them up and adding just a tiny bit of water to make a paste or "paint" and then use a paint brush to apply to the sidewalk outside.

I just added a bunch of kid friendly blogs to my reader and I'm too lazy to look up the sources for each of those ideas, but they're not mine! I'm just an admirer. :)

I should totally be at the beach today..but I'm too lazy.

***Edit: Here is a picture of the flower arrangement on contact paper..i think this stuff is sooo cool looking!

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  1. So cool! You're so crafty, I am impressed. The flowers are beautiful.