Tuesday, October 4, 2011


In its usual fashion summer left just as soon as it started...it's been raining like it's April or May instead of October.. I'm left with thoughts of our brief summer interludes with Zari. Second annual trip to Fort Knox on Fathers Day, her 2nd birthday party, our trip to Biddeford and Storyland, day trips to the beach with friends, the State Fair, Moose Point State Park exploration <very cool tidal pools> another trip to Biddeford and the Wildlife Park, and ending it all was the Common Ground Fair not long ago. Now I enter the season of holidays...paid days off from work <grin grin grin!> and cozy time spent indoors. Both seasons (really, there's only 2 in Maine) have their benefits, and I genuinely enjoy both...but I find transition of any sort difficult, this included. I'll miss the freedom and the outdoor play (and yard sales!). I'll miss the garden (my first year with a vegetable garden and my mom is amazed at how well I did, thank you mom), I'll miss the adventuring with Zaria - showing her new places.

Now we will embrace the library visits, the Target toy aisle playing, swim lessons at the Y and family get togethers <hopefully. I think my mom will agree we're kind of retarded about getting together. We all claim to like each other quite a bit, but spend time together? Pfffffttt> I've already started reading voraciously as I do every fall and winter. Now is the time of craft projects and planning. Last year I started tearing down walls and have created a little closet nook my father claims he'll finish some day. My FIL volunteered to help us with fixing one of the toilets and lying down new floors and walls in the other bathroom. Very exciting things could happen this winter. Or none of it could happen <more likely>. Either way, this season also notes the beginning of The Cold and Flu Season. I blame Doug. Zari is a good girl and won't hold it against him. Me...eh. But it did give me an excuse to order supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs. Coming in the mail <thank you visa card> are some essential oils to make my own vapor rub, as well as some beeswax for vapor rub and lotion bars <EEEEEEK!> I'm super excited! Oh yes, I also ordered some elderberries for making elderberry syrup...hopefully something I can stomach, and Zari will try. Doug does what I tell him, bless his heart - so he'll be taking it too. I think I've encountered elderberries before, and if I remember correctly they're extremely strong flavored and quite unpleasant. I'm actually a bit nauseous just thinking about it. So we'll see how it goes.

The garden is gearing up for winter.. I've had to bring a few plants that were living on my deck railing to my workplace. The one good window in a cat proof room, can't handle all the plants I have. My basil will probably need to live at work as well. Hmm..Maybe my two indoor tomato plants can live there too? IDEA! I'm not sure if I can trust others to keep their paws off my 'maters once they start growing. I'm thinking that will be around Xmas time too. You know how people get all wanty-grabby around the holidays. They might expect me to SHARE!

Once I get to finally MOVE INTO MY OWN HOUSE <dad..walls..c'mon now> I plan on having a few hanging plants (cat proof!) and a few smaller plants living on the mantle...and I'd like to have one for Zari's room to. I talked to her about it one day, she didn't seem interested...but then a few days later she was "helping" me and moved one of my plants into her bedroom all on her own. It couldn't stay because the cats could get at where she put it, but I was thrilled to my tippy toes. :)

My cosmos <also known as the hidden, and most gorgeous things I've grown all year> are now taller than the first story windows. Mom says I must be doing something right. Other than cutting 1-2 new bouquets for the past 6 weeks, I don't know what that could be! Honestly it's gorgeous out there and not a single person but me knows about it because it's on the backside of the house outside our living room window...a frothy green wave of dark, and medium purple and white cosmos. There's enough that Zari can pick her own and not upset me, or the flowers. I can't wait to do it again except in an additional location that will show off. I also want a rock wall for the front of the house...wish rocks were free! And dirt! I can't believe the stuff I've paid for this year...how many bags of old cow crap have I bought? Jesus.

that is all. :)

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