Friday, September 23, 2011

The fair

We went, we saw, we conquered, we skipped our nap time! haha! Doug and I took time off from work to enjoy the Common Ground Fair...our first visit with Zaria. I'm not sure the Common Ground Fair is Doug's favorite place to be. He likes The Hippy Food, but he doesn't like The Hippy. But Zaria quite enjoyed it! At one point we were watching a live band and she got up and danced much to the delight of the other patrons. I have a 2 minute video of her dancing her sweet dance, but I can't figure out how to get blogger to let me post videos. :( I still owe Aunt Ellie a video if I can ever figure it out.
My parents went as well and my mom and I hit up the Johnny's Select Seeds tent, and the Fedco tent. My mom took Zaria over to the childrens area for a bit and Doug and I hit up Sal's Calzones..Sadly Sal wasn't there this year :( he had 4 women doing the work of 1 Sal. Doug and I made sure to hit up Dr. Pussums for some new cat nip toys for the cats. It was a cat nip orgy when Doug handed out the toys. Then Leo got mean and started pounding on everyone and taking their toys..he's a mean drunk.

I put Zari down to bed at 5pm, she did amazingly well considering she started her day by vomiting in the car. (Let this be a lesson to me: Even though you cannot comprehend a scenario when you may need a change of clothes for your offspring, pack one anyways...) Followed by an over stimulating time at the FAIR! with GRAMMY! and GRAMPY!..I'm amazed, thankful, and impressed by my little nugget. She's a trooper! And a people loving fun seeker. She's so not me. I'm so happy for that! :) I just hope she'll continue to visit me in my hermit cave in my old age. :)

Tomorrow we have swim class day 3. Blaze and Sara our friends from class, tried to teach Zaria "Knuckles" (what I call Fist Bump) and I've been working on it with Zari. We hope to impress the older, more mature toddler: Blaze. Let's hope he's impressed by blond girls that like to mash fists like it's a potato!

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