Saturday, October 22, 2011

I smell good.

Solid perfume! I made some! Eeeek! I actually made two "flavors" they both have 4-7 different flavors of essential oil but the first smells predominately of jasmine, and the second of a vanilla/citrus yumminess that I based off a store bought perfume I have that is Vanilla's really hard to keep from licking the Vanilla citrus perfume it smells sooo good. Doug liked the Jasmine perfume and said it didn't seem to bother his nose like alot of perfumes do. Blahblahblah.

I'm going to make egg rolls this weekend, my parents used to make them when we were little, I haven't had homemade egg rolls since I was very young, so I'm kind of excited. I doubt I'll be able to get Zari to try them. That girl.. she asks for food constantly and won't eat ANY of it.
She got a little confused tonight and had a bit of fun mixing her yogurt with her crackers and then dripping that on her apple... I've been letting her mix her own recipes while I work...I'll give her some dry beans, some lentils, some rice, some water and a spoon and she mixes away happily, sometimes even tasting her creations. She got inspired with dinner and did some more mixing. I chose to ignore the yogurt mess on the coffee table until Doug came home and then he graciously took care of it.

I got my desk audit at work! Which is good news, comes with a small raise, and a new title, but it's also a bit annoying...since I've been DOING this same level of work all along..but I'm only now about to be treated as such. Wish I had done it sooner needless to say!

By the way...I love Rosanne. The tv show. The entire series is on netflix, and since I'm up in the middle of the night *I* get to choose what to watch and this is perfect. It's just so my childhood! I wish this was still on tv.

And...I'm tired. :)


  1. I remember those egg rolls. God they were good!!!!!
    Congrats on the raise. Lord knows every penny counts.

  2. And they were good! I used the recipe on the back of the eggroll wrapper since I didn't have access to mom and dads. cabbage, carrot, pork, dried ginger, garlic, soy sauce. next time I'll try baking them...after the first couple of days of eating them as left overs you get kind of sick of the greasies!