Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Apple Picking

We made it to an apple orchard (Conant's to be exact) for Maine Apple Sunday and had a blast. We picked three large brown paper bags worth of Cort's and Mac's, picked up some cheese and got a picture of Doug with the General Lee (thank you Wendi for help with the name!). :)
Zari put about 3 apples in a bag and then said she was done and sat down and age two apples under the tree...endless amounts of adorable right there. She was EXTREMELY EXCITED at the idea of going apple picking, but I guess the actual ACT of picking apples isn't that thrilling because then she asked to sit in the car so she could watch her DVD. LOL Oh well. We went to the store and got her a balloon and bought some locally made coffee and cheddar cheese <sooooo good with apples!> and headed the 20 minutes back home. I'm in process of making applesauce, and I need to find those little cinnamon red hot candies so I can make some spiced apple rings and other goodies. Has anyone seen those lately? I'm almost thinking the dollar store might have some?? I'll also be making more pie filling.. I canned blueberry a week ago and now I'll do apple, after that no more pie filling. I may do some different jams for gift giving, but other than that this canner is going BACK IN THE BASEMENT I'M DONE. lol I don't know how the ladies did it years ago but holy moly it's alot of work putting up food!
Zari started her second round of swim lessons this past weekend with her swim buddy Blaze that we  met last year in swim class. The changes in the two kids is astounding! LOL They actually notice each other this year! At one point Blaze was trying to sneak a feel of Zari's hand and leg, I just about died it was so adorable LMAO Zari pulled away and was all WHHHAAAAT do you think you're doing?! Ha! Both kids seemed to have retained what they learned last year, and I know I can speak for Zari and say that she is much more brave in terms of putting her face in the water. I even dunked her all the way under once. She had her mouth wide open laughing but didn't take in any water.. I didn't dare push it though. The instructor says to blow hard in their face right before dunking them to get them to close their mouth and eyes and hopefully NOT take in water. Zari also blew bubbles in the water which I couldn't get her to do last year to save my life! She also kicked her little legs the ENTIRE TIME we played "pick up the balls in the water" game that she adores so much. During our free time we played Humpty Dumpty ALOT so that she could climb up the pool wall and "jump" into the water. She went almost all the way under a few times doing this, and again, did fantastic! I'm thankful, and will feel much relieved when she earns her fish fins. Now if only she could breathe under water I'd feel much better! My grandmother had a hard and fast no water over the belly button rule as a child. Which is really okay with me since lakes and oceans get pretty freaking in the yuck department.
Oh oh oh I got Zari a tricycle at the thrift store today for $3. The new one I've had my eyes on is $40 locally...so $3 was a "no brainah". I also got some SUPER COOL MARTHA GREEN (Read: Jadite colored) melamine vintage coffee cups... I got 8 for myself and another 4 for Zari to play with lol. Or yeah..12 for me. And a cute wire closing jar with a retro "Popcorn" inscribed on the front. And a vintage strawberry/mushroom/egg slicer... I bought a new one a few years ago used it once and broke it. So I've never gotten to have the fun of slicing hard boiled eggs like they do in restaurants! It's the small things, folks.
My tomato plants have almost had it. I canned one batch of salsa last weekend and have a ton of fresh tomatoes on the kitchen table waiting for me to do something with.. I'm thinking Mark Bittmans Tomato Onion Salsa (YUM!) We ate GALLONS of the stuff last summer with the tomatoes from my in laws. SO GOOD!
I went to the chiro today for my ongoing back problems since "The Fall", and let a swear word slip when she had me on the table LOL needless to say the back cracking hurt, and it continued to hurt all the car ride back to work, and then while I was complaining about it hurting to my coworkers..it stopped. And then it felt GOOD! And I've been AMAZED all day about what I've been able to do without pain. I seriously cannot believe it. So very thankful..although sweet JESUS I HOPE I DON'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH PAIN LIKE THAT AGAIN TO GET HERE. It was the first time I've had it hurt while there...usually she uses a gadget on me, and the one other time I was on the table it didn't hurt. Holy Hannah I'm getting prickles just thinking about it! Eek! Anyways..another appointment on Friday, keeping my fingers crossed!
On the potty training front, Zari hasn't gone in our potty in weeks. We also haven't been home much, even on work day evenings. But she went yesterday! A biiiiiiiig ol' river of pee came streaming from that child much to every ones delight. I started ANOTHER potty chart (the 3rd and really into
I think that's all the news for now...at least all that I want to take time writing about before I have to run! Pictures later when I get some more time.
Hmm.. "alot" still isn't a word, hmm? Oh well.

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  1. Nice score with the tricycle! Okay you need pictures on here:) Love it though!